piCamper is a detachable camping housing that can be transported on a pick-up. It can be easily mounted and fixed on the double cabin pick-up using 4 fasteners. Due to the location of the front door, it is possible to transport bicycles by means of a bicycle rack located on the rear wall. Comfortable sleep is provided by a 200x180 cm double bed and an 80x200 cm single bed, which is enough for a family of up to 4 people.

The structure of the walls is a 35mm thick fiberglass reinforced heat-insulated sandwich panel. The edges are closed with fiberglass profiles to avoid thermal bridges and condensation.

The following accessories are included in a fully equipped piCamper:

  • Fiberglass reinforced insulated sandwich panel cabin

  • 4 folding levelling legs

  • 4 fasteners for fastening to the van

  • Folding step for the front door

  • Entrance door with lock, handle

  • Motion sensor lighting above the front door

  • 3 tilting windows with built-in blind and insect net

  • skylight with built-in blind and insect net

  • 2 x USB chargers for charging mobile devices

  • 230 V wall socket

  • 13-pin connector for connection to the vehicle

  • Bicycle holder for transporting 2 bicycles

  • Rear lighting kit with license plate holder and lighting

  • Kitchen:

  • double gas stove

  • sink with faucet

  • LED touch switch lighting

  • 70L refrigerator with freezer compartment (12V operation)

  • 3 large storage cabinets

  • Bathroom:

  • cassette toilet with externally drained black water tank

  • shower faucet with shower tray, lower gray-water outlet

  • washbasin with tap

  • storage cabinets

  • LED touch switch lighting

  • Dining room:

  • seating for 4 people

  • sponge cushions with backrest

  • removable dining table

  • store-cupboard

  • LED touch switch lighting, central lighting

  • Sleeping room:

  • 200x180 cm sleeping mattress with a layer of memory foam

  • 2 storage cabinets

  • LED touch switch lighting




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